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I don't remember many of the presents I have gotten over the last 60 years. I remember the Bible Uncle Bob and Aunt Francis gave me in 1962 and I still have it. It has been through a lot, a house fire, and a flood. It has seen me through a lot as well.

Oh I remember some of the fun things too. The wind up train I got that I really wanted. When we went to town I used to love watching the trains go through. Everyone seemed impatient waiting to cross the tracks because of a train, I never did. They were going to places I had only heard of. The extent of my world then was west as far as Espanola New Mexico, east as far as Boise City, north as far as Trinidad Colorado and south as far as Muleshoe Texas. Trains going to places like Los Angeles excited me just thinking of being that far away. With the wind up train I could imagine going to other places even though it was only a small circle of track.

My world has expanded a lot since then but Christmas has not. I still like the simple things or maybe the traditional things of Christmas that just seem simple. The gathering of families at this time binds us all into one family. School and Church programs with kids messing up lines, going off in their own directions, picking their noses to the horror of their parents and other moments that seem fresh even though we have seen the same things over and over.

More and more we are seeing things like “Happy Holidays” instead of Merry Christmas so as not to offend anyone. This holiday is about the birth of Christ. If you don't believe in it don't celebrate it, if you have a problem with Christ being given a celebration honoring his birth don't put Christmas items in your stores to line your pockets. By the way, how is Happy Holidays any less offending than Merry Christmas? Look at the word holiday. It means HOLY day.

Christians out number believers of other religions by a wide margin but no one is worried about offending them. Take the Muslim stamp at the post office. A stamp honoring a belief that says it's their duty to convert or kill people of other beliefs. Don't take my word for it, get a copy of the Koran and read it. If you are not Muslim you are an infidel. That offends me and that our own post office did this makes it more offensive.

I wish for simpler times. A time when Christmas was a celebration of Joy, a celebration of love and good will to ALL mankind, a celebration of peace on earth and rejoicing over the birth of Christ.


If one looks at the past, the force released by the birth of Christ is greater than any other single event in recorded history.

With that I want to wish each and every one of you a Very Merry Christmas. I wish you the kind of Christmas I used to have when you can't remember the presents but remember the good will, the love and the spirit of Christmas.

If that offends any of you, deal with it.

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