A Daisy doesn't feel pain? That's easy for you to say

While watching a televised interview I once heard Paul McCartney, (world famous vegetarian and retired musician), say that he: “Never ate anything with a face.” This should of course, give any plant on earth notice that Sir Paul could have you for lunch at anytime on a mere whim.

Recently a spokesperson for PETA took those who like to catch and/or eat fish to task for inflicting pain on any fish caught and killed for (human) consumption. Other fish and animals such as bears can eat fish, and the PETA Vegetarians and Vegans have no problem with it. They just want to tell you what you can eat. (A Vegan by the way, [as I understand it] not only will not eat any kind of animal, but will not use any by-product from an animal, such as leather, feathers, eggs, wool, milk, butter, or honey, because in their world all this causes the animal stress.) Having grown up on a farm, I have to assume that none of these individuals have ever seen the stress put upon an unmilked cow.

I have wondered for years, how Vegetarians and Vegans either live, or live with themselves; how can they, who wish not to kill any living thing, in any good conscience eat what at one time was a living, breathing, (well at least CO2 absorbing) plant?

I can remember more than 30 years ago having read about an individual who connected a common house plant to a Polygraph machine, (lie detector). His interest in his unscientific experiment was: What would the plants reactions be to outside stimuli?” Now granted, a polygraph reacts to several different bodily reactions on a human, heart rate, sweat on the palms, respiration, etc. None of these reactions can be found in a plant; however, according to the article, when a leaf was torn and pulled off the plant a reaction was seen on the polygraph machine. Also, a reaction was indicated to different types of music. Classical music soothed the plant, Rock and Roll seemed to stimulate it, and I assume, Country Western made it want a beer and a “friendly” companion plant. In any case, I have wondered how anyone who seems to think they can tell the rest of us of what our diet should consist eat a perfectly harmless egg plant?

So I went onto the Internet and Googled, “Pain in plants” and perused what came up. At short glance, it seemed to be Vegetarians and Vegans defending the fact (to them it's a fact) that since plants have no nervous system or brains, they cannot feel pain. So naturally, it's OK to kill and eat them.

I was also interested to read that Vegans and Vegetarians considered themselves to be ethical since they didn't eat animals or fish; it goes without saying that the rest of us who eat meat, fish, milk, eggs and honey are unethical. However, I've noticed that very often these individuals also seem to want to save trees and forests; so I guess if it's a Redwood 200 feet tall it's unethical to cut it down and eat it; but that little stand of wild spinach, ah who cares(?) we'll eat that.

Which brings up another question. Do all those individuals who bemoan the fact that an animal has to die for medical research have the courage of their so called convictions? If they, or the people whom they love, develop problems with the mitral valve in their heart, will they then refuse to accept a pig valve and face certain death?

Will they, do they, ask before they are given any potentially lifesaving prescription or surgery if it was tested on animals; and if told that it was, can they look their child in the face and say, “Well sorry junior you're gonna die cause once an animal had to? I wonder just how deep their self-imposed so-called ethics run?

The word for the week is Mores.





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