Collins's Comments

You, everyone and me are about to enter the silly season. Christmas decorations are popping all over. I heard the song “Frosty the Snowman” in the grocery store yesterday.

It is cabin fever time and holiday shopping time. It seems that one should cancel out the other in the way we feel. You drag around shopping and you are so happy to get back to the cabin for about five minutes before the walls start crawling in on you. Just what you need is to have presents to hide till they are wrapped.

One year I got a whole bunch of small toys for the kids as stocking stuffers and hid them. I found them in July. We had a nice celebration over that.

Just remember when you are out among them this year that things are getting crazier than ever; toys are getting more expensive than ever; and tempers are shorter than ever.

I think back to last Christmas, all the toys and gifts that came in this house. With five children there seems like tons of things. Of all those things for last Christmas I have only seen two of them recently. The rest are broken and discarded or buried under the bed or at the bottom of the toy box and haven't been played with for months. I didn't get so many toys when I was a child. The ones I did get were durable. It is not so much the children's fault that they break, as most are very shoddily made. I was not one to take care of my toys either, but it is much harder to break a metal toy tractor than it is to break a plastic remote control car. I have a toy tractor and a dump truck made in the 1940s. I wonder if 50 years from now that gameboy will still be functional and prized? The toys I had didn't run on batteries either but on kid power. Think about that while you shop.

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