Cimarron County is left out of Ports-to-Plains 2005 money loop 88

Colorado and Texas sites split $9 million in highway appropriations which will fund projects which are or will attach to, the Ports-to-Plains. However, no monies were earmarked for Oklahoma's section or the trade corridor, U.S. Highway 287, from Kerrick, Texas to the Colorado state line.

The FY 2005 Transportation Appropriations package includes money for Del Rio, Texas, ($1 million); Eagle pass, Texas, ($2 million); US 287 bypass at Big Spring, Texas, ($500 thousand); West Loredo, Texas Trade Corridor, ($3 million) and U.S. 287 in Colorado, ($500 thousand).

Additionally another $4 million will be spent on the Heartland Expressway which joins the Ports-to-Plains at Limon, Colo.

In Texas, the la Entrada al Pacifico corridor that connects with Ports-to-Plains at Midland-Odessa, received $3 million including $500 thousand for feasibility study and an equal amount for a Southern route study.

In Colorado, another $2 million was appropriated for the ongoing rail relocation study that would move much of Colorado's freight rail operations that will be parallel to the Ports-to-Plains Corridor.

The total Federal funding for Ports-to-Plains for fiscal years 2002-05 now totals about $94.7 million.



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