Vehicle theft, chase, lands perpetrator in TX hospital
by C.F. David

A vehicle theft in Sherman County Texas late Sunday night culminated in a high speed chase and a rollover in southeastern Cimarron County, according to Sheriff David Dunn and Oklahoma Highway patrol officer Erik Terrell.
David Vigil, approximately 40 years of age, took a 2001 Chevrolet S-10 pickup in Stratford and started north on Highway 287.

According to Dunn, Cimarron County Deputy Derek Kincannon spotted the vehicle south east of Boise City near the river bridge and turned for pursuit.

At that point, Vigil took a county road east toward Griggs at high speed.

Kincannon then called for assistance and the pursuit was joined by units from the Boise City Police Department, Keyes Police Department, Oklahoma Highway Patrol, and another Cimarron County Sheriff's unit.

Vigil then left the road and led officers through corn fields and pasture land. He then came back onto Highway 171 and drove north toward Keyes. Terrell made several attempts to force Vigil off the road and was finally successful in bumping the truck, it left the road and overturned at least once. Vigil was injured in the rollover and was taken to Cimarron County Memorial Hospital and transferred to Northwest Texas Hospital by Lifestar.

"The last I heard he was going to be placed in ICU when they moved him from where he was. So I assume that meant he was in surgery," Dunn said. According to Dunn there have been no charges filed in the incident as of presstime.

"I would like to thank the police departments of Keyes and Boise City and for the help from the OHP," Dunn said.
Also I'd like to commend Derek for finding him," he added.