If you hold certain jobs, you can't be a whiner
Slinging a smooth stone
by C.F. David, editor, The Boise city News

Someone once said, there are two types of football coaches, those who have been fired and those who soon will be. Some jobs, if you take them on, it basically means you can't whine if things don't go your way. Sports coaches with winning seasons have been fired. They knew going in that was an option, what's to whine about?

Columnists, be they print, radio or television should know that by expressing an opinion they will on occasion, be lambasted, cursed and perhaps even sued or investigated. If you bring heat, it will often be deflected back at you, so if it happens, don't whine, take your medicine.

So it is with Rush Limbaugh. The darling of the Conservative Right is presently under investigation for the possibility he might have laundered funds to support an admitted prescription drug habit. He is at present trying to get a court order to keep his medical records sealed, saying he doesn't want his medical diagnosis and medical prescriptions to be the fodder of television news shows, tabloid newspapers or read by the public in general.

In other words, little Rushie either thinks he's someone special, or he lives in a fantasy world of his own design; or perhaps both.

This is the same man who has harangued any individual, president or public figure who has dared disagree with his [Limbaugh's] personal beliefs.

This is the individual who was shocked that his public statements about a black professional quarterback were immediately seized upon and turned against him by the very same Liberal media he had attacked almost daily.
According to Limbaugh, who has admitted to a painkiller pill addiction, he has done nothing illegal.

Now admittedly I have never been addicted to painkillers; however, as I understand the theory of one doctor, one pharmacist, it would be nearly impossible to visit an ethical, honest doctor and receive more than the recommended amount of pills. The idea of this is so you won't become addicted. To become addicted, you need either, an illegal drug connection i.e a housekeeper, or you need to shop for doctors so that you can refill a prescription several times.

According to a CNN report, Limbaugh had allegedly obtained 2,000 pills over a five month period, sometimes using multiple prescriptions less than a month apart.

Now I am also not a criminal attorney, but this sounds like it could be illegal, despite what Limbaugh said. At the very least, it's unethical.

If Rush had been doing his job when Harry Truman was around, they would have been constantly at odds. About now Harry would have called Rush and said something like, "Rush, if you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen."

The word for the week is equitable.