Just cause it's so, ain't necessarily so

My mother, hated generalizations.

More than once she spoke up when someone had made a generalized statement about a group of people, i.e - “All teenagers are shiftless and lazy.”

When I learned about Robert's Rules of Order in about the Sixth Grade, I came home preaching, “The Majority rules.” My mother pointed out, “But, the minority SHALL BE heard.” When I remember all the times she and I got crosswise, each over opinions by the other, I shake my head when I realize all the things we could now agree on.

I grew up with a concept of the entire state of New York as a giant parking lot; I was stunned to learn they had farms in New York State.

I have since met people from New York who as youngsters, were convinced that we of their generation in the west, grew up killing Indians -generalizations.

In the Keyes School System of the 1950s and 60s we studied social studies outside the confines of a book.

As a second-grader, in Mrs Berry's class, we, along with the rest of the Elementary school, voted for president in 1952. Criag Sanders and I have been in opposite courts most elections ever since; he as a Democrat and I as a Republican.

However, I have a feeling Craig's a better Democrat than I a Republican; or at least I'll probably admit to crossover voting...he probably wouldn't- a generalization.

I know that many who are staunch Republicans expect big things since President Bush won his second term and will now have tacit control of both houses, plus the ability to stuff the Supreme Court with like-minded judges. Don't bet on it; because President Bush is a politician before he's a Republican.

Many of those who were so opposed to the President's second term make generalizations; as do those who opposed Sen. Kerry. They assume that:

Generalization one

H Everyone, who lives in the Red States, the fly-over-country, attends church every Sunday, drives a pickup truck with a gun rack, wants to repeal Roe v. Wade and puts a pistol in every pocket.

Generalization two:

H Many of those who were opposed to Sen. Kerry just assume that: Anyone who voted for him would kill an infant in a heartbeat; can't drive a five-speed four-by-four, and wouldn't recognize the business end of a 9MM Glock.

Either Bi-coastal blue, or Fly-over Red, the probable image of a gang member is very likely that of an ethnic minority. However, seven years ago, in Amarillo, Texas, when “Punker-freak” Brian Deneke was run over in a parking lot during a melee, police officials admitted that Southwest Amarillo had upper-middle-class-white youth gangs.

By the way, Deneke, who was a familiar sight in his radiant blue spiked hair, was a Christian, not the Devil-worshipper many pegged him for...generalizations.

Trust me, there are church going Blue and Red -State Christians who voted for Bush, and support Roe v. Wade and gun control.

And there are Blue and Red state Wiccan, (Pagan earth worshippers), Agnostics, Humanists and Atheists, (and some are your neighbors and friends) who are opposed to abortion, own guns, and voted for Kerry.

When dealing with human beings, and their opinions, there are no absolutes, no generalizations.

The word for the week is misconstrued.

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