McKnight murder investigation stalls

by C.F. David


The Clayton, N.M. murder investigation of the Oct. 12, 2004 murder of John McKnight, 33, a former resident of Felt has stalled, according to an unnamed spokesperson for the Union County District Attorney's office.

Murder suspect Blaine Olivas, 27, of Clayton, was arrested on Oct. 14 on an unrelated charge, (failure to appear) and held in the Union County correctional facility as a suspect in McKnight's murder on a bond of $60 thousand.

The spokesperson added that the investigation had been held up due to Olivias having ...compentacy issues.

When asked if a motive for the killing had been learned, and if it had been determined if McKnight's alleged killer had acted alone, the spokes person replied that he had ...said all I'm going to.

Law enforcement officers had responded at 9:21 p.m., on Oct. 12, to a site four miles south of Clayton on Highway 402; there they found McKnight's body, a victim of a gunshot wound.

The weapon allegedly used in the killing was a powder and ball handgun.


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