by Normas Gene Young

Friends will be glad to know that Frank Finch is alright! His home was not burned during the terrible fires in California, Their home in Simi was far enough from the forest area that there was no damage. He and his wife had been on an extended vacation-all the way to Tennessee-since October, before the fires started, They eventually got to Lawton, last Friday, where Frank's sister, Gertrude Firestone, lives, and she gave him the word that a message from me was on her answering machine inquiring about him.

Frank has a heart problem and diabetes, but sounded better than when we talked a couple of times before the alumni reunion in July. They are probably back home by now. This is good news for all the friends who have inquired about them. I don't intend to try to collect from him for all the phone calls I've made trying to locate him. I just thank God they are all right!
My two daughters, two grandchildren, son-in-law, and my many grandcats send me a lot of interesting things. I am well supplied with dinosaurs of several sizes and descriptions, Elvis stuff, Maxine momentoes (including a doll of her), and other items too numerous to mention.

A few years ago they favored me with a new Christmas record: "Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer." You can imagine how thrilled I was over that one.

I was watching Good Morning America last week and learned that the Grandma-Reindeer tune was voted (in one of TV's famous polls) as the worst Christmas song ever written.

Just to clear the air I want to explain how I feel about these many lovely presents.

Dinosaurs are okay, but three-foot-long green fuzzy ones? Well, you can imagine. I apologize to Elvis fans who are probably out there, but please ... I prefer Barry Manilow. Now Maxine, that sassy, skinny old character with the blue hair and fuzzy pink houseshoes is just not me. I don't have blue hair.

There's not much point to this story. I just wanted to relate to all who may read this how well I am appreciated by my kids and cats. It's a tough world, friends.