Local woman is arrested on 4 counts of distribution
by C.F. David

Tammy Christine Witten, 32, a clerk at a local convenience store has been arrested and charged on four counts of distribution of a Controlled Dangerous Substance, (cocaine).

The arrest was made on Monday at her residence and she is currently being held in the Cimarron County jail on a bond of $40 thousand.

The arrest was made under the auspices of the Multi-County Drug Task Force located out of Woodward and included officers from the task force, Cimarron County Sheriff's Office, Boise City and Keyes Police Departments.
According to Cimarron County Sheriff David Dunn, Witten had no cocaine on her person when she was arrested, but undercover officers had made four separate buys from her.

The investigation, which resulted in Witten's arrest, had been on-going since October according to Dunn.
"We had seen some cars that were out of place," he explained.

If convicted on each of the four charges Witten could be sentenced from five years to life imprisonment on each charge.