OPSU student for child porn

The Guymon Daily Herald
Goodwell-An Oklahoma Panhandle State University student was arrested Monday,
accused of downloading child pornography, possession of marijuana and
possession of a marijuana pipe.
Malcolm Sterling Sanders, 52, of Texhoma, was taken into custody
Tuesday after nearly two months of investigation and charged with six
counts of knowingly downloading child porn. The affidavit for Sanders'
arrest alleges he used OPSU computers to view the illegal material.
Goodwell Chief of Police Justin Carnagey arrested Sanders near the OPSU
campus in Goodwell after conducting a traffic stop on Sanders 1979
motorhome, police said. Carnagey said he located the marijuana and the
pipe during the arrest.
The arrest is the culmination of a two-month investigation by the
Goodwell Police Department, OPSU and the Oklahoma State Bureau of
Eight computers were seized during the course of the investigation.
Jason Berg, OPSU band director, alerted OPSU President David Bryant to
the presence of child porn on a computer in the music library Sept. 23,
according to the affidavit for Sanders' arrest.
The computer had been in the library for only one day and Sanders had
been the only person to use the machine, court documents state.
Bryant contacted Carnagey Sept. 28 and Carnagey took possession of the
computer, the affidavit states.
University officials told law enforcement Sanders had been seen sitting
in the back row of the computer lab in the university's Noble Center
almost daily from around noon to 3 p.m. , according to court documents.
Cannagey had the machines checked, found two of them containing child
pornography and took possession of them Sept. 30, the affidavit states.
Carnagey was contacted Sept. 30 and alerted Sanders had been in the lab
that afternoon with his wife and the computer he had used had been
contained child pornography, according to the affidavit.
Carnagey was again advised Sanders had been in the Noble Center
computer lab Oct. 3 and the computer he had used was also found to
contain child pornography, according to court documents, and that
machine was also taken by law enforcement.
The five seized computers were taken to OSBI for examination and the
analysis showed all five contained various types of explicit child
pornography, the affidavit states, involving pre-pubescent to
toddler-age children.
A D-link camera was installed to allow computer activity in the Noble
Center lab to be viewed and recorded from a remote location, a link was
made through the computer network to allow real-time viewing of images
being downloaded onto the computer Sanders frequented and a pinhole
camera recording to a VHS machine was installed directly above the
computer, according to court documents.
"Probably some of the best evidence you can get is when you have
someone on tape," Carnagey said.
Sanders was recorded entering the Noble Center lab again on Oct. 31,
and using the only remaining machine in the back row, according to the
affidavit, and law enforcement seized the computer after he left.
Sanders returned to the same lab Nov. 2 and again sat at the only
remaining computer in the back row, the affidavit states, and the link
showed he was once again downloading child porn. Law enforcement seized
the computer after Sanders left the lab, according to court documents.
Computers seized on Oct. 11, Oct. 31 and Nov. 2 were transported to
OSBI's Computer Crimes Unit and examination revealed all contained
explicit child pornography, the affidavit states, with date and time
stamps coinciding with dates and times Sanders had been recorded using
the machines.
Carnagey said OSBI is a member of the FBI's task force for Crimes
Against Children and the sources of the illegal material will be
Stopping crimes against children takes a toll on law enforcement,
Carnagey called the material "very upsetting."
"When you see these kind of images the first thing you think is where
those kids are and how they got into that situation," he said. "We
haven't had a case like this before in Goodwell and it's sickening."
Sanders is charged with six felony counts of knowingly downloading
child pornography.
Each count carries a possible 30 days to 10 years prison and fines
ranging from $500 to $20,000. Individuals convicted of knowingly
downloading child pornography are not eligible for deferred sentences
under Oklahoma law.
"It's something I'll definitely watch for a lot more in the future,"
Carnagey said. "I'm definitely interested in taking violators off the
street for this kind of thing."

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