With help from her friends, Lena Alexander witnesses to truckers passing through

by Rhiannon Toon

There are many ladies in Cimarron County that don't believe Christmas is the only time of giving.

Have you ever gone to Love's or the Shell stations and seen a basket of muffins and Bibles? If you have, then you've probably wondered who made the muffins and placed them with the Bibles.

One of these ladies is Mrs. Lena Alexander. I asked her why they do this, she replied “Some of the ladies wanted to do a trucker ministry and to let them know they were appreciated!”

There are about twelve women that help make the muffins. The muffins are even prayed over! These women hope that this will help people to know that there is an active Christian presence in Boise City , and Cimarron County .

When I asked she said they would continue with this ministry as long as possible.

They have been baking the muffins since January 23, 2005 . They bake every Sunday and so far 4,656 muffins have been provided for the truckers.

On June 25, 2006 they began to hand out the truckers' New Testament. These Bibles are provided by the First Baptist Church . Their purpose is as a silent invitation for the truckers to read the Scriptures. They are a full text New Testament with testimonies by truckers from all around the world!

This is a great way to spread God's word. The truckers who receive these muffins and Bibles know this community believes in giving all year long, not just at Christmas.