Keyes C-Store has new ownership, management

The C-Store on the north end of Polk Street in Keyes has long been a local fixture. The building is more than fifty years old, and has recently had a change of ownership.

According to manager Tifany Rickman, Carlos Del Toro and Huber Farren, of California saw the business advertised on E-Bay, and negotiated a purchase.

“It wasn't an auction item; E-Bay has a real estate section,” Rickman explained.

The absentee owners have other similar properties in California and Arizona ; however, spiraling property prices on the west coast induced the partners to look elsewhere for properties.

Rickman, who had kept books for the store for the last four years was tapped for the management of the facility. Rickman wears several hats, she home schools three children, is a farm-rancher, and is a pest exterminator.

“They, (the new owners), also have a restaurant in downstate Oklahoma . They like Oklahoma for its openness to business, and the ability to buy affordable real estate,” Rickman said.

The store has already added hot foods to their menu and several expansions are planned.

“We have added an auto fryer. We have burgers, chicken bits and strips, onion rings and tater tots,” Rickman said.

“We will be open from 7 to nine Monday through Thursday; 7 to 10 on Saturday and 9 to 9 on Sunday.”

The store has a machine which enables travelers or locals to pay bills electronically, and plans are to soon have an ATM machine installed, technology not yet available to Keyes citizens or visitors passing through.

The store will also soon be a venue for the sales of beer and Oklahoma Lottery tickets.

“We are going to expand into the old tire shop, and eventually bring our rest rooms inside. Then we'll have more seating.” Rickman said.

We are going to put on new stucco; put up new signs, and have billboards in Boise City , and on Highways 56 and 64.

Originating as Burrow Oil Company in the 1940s, the store sold bulk propane, gasoline and diesel, as well as the pumps for small cars and trucks.

“We are going to bring the bulk fuel back, (gas and diesel). We want be able to sell off-road and clear diesel as well as gasoline in bulk. I want to have the best prices between Elkhart , Kans. , and Boise City . We need to get another delivery truck. I've already had requests for deliveries at Kenton. But I can't do it until we get a new truck. Also I want to be able to sell transport loads of 7,500 to 8,500 gallons. I've already won some bids for the county's diesel,” Rickman said.

The owners plan to soon replace the old above ground tanks with underground storage.

“We plan to put truck pumps across the street. I want to bring in the truck traffic, (off Highway 56),” Rickman said.