Fence Wire Causes Power to Blink

HOOKER- Tri-County Electric Cooperative announced today that an electric fence wire that was attached to Tri-County Electric poles without permission and strung across a public road was responsible for a short blink in power and fire six miles north of Guymon , Okla. , at approximately 5:15 p.m. on Monday, November 20.

A vehicle traveling along the road caught the fence wire, causing it to snap and fly through the air. The airborne fence wire subsequently made contact with an electric transmission line. Protective equipment installed by Tri-County Electric immediately operated, causing a short “blink” in electric service to members in western Texas County , Cimarron County and the Elkhart , Kan. , area. Sparks from the incident ignited a small grass fire, which was extinguished quickly.


Tri-County Electric CEO Jack Perkins said the illegally installed electric fence wire was a serious, yet common problem throughout the territory.

“Unfortunately, our crews often find various items illegally attached to our poles,” said Perkins. “It might seem like a ‘victimless crime' but these situations can present significant dangers to both people and property and create a problem for Tri-County Electric and our quality of service. We were fortunate that in this particular situation, our protective equipment functioned as intended and the damage was relatively minor. Had circumstances been different, this could have resulted in a widespread outage.”

If anyone observes any situation involving the electric system that appears dangerous or otherwise improper, they should call 800-522-3315 to report the problem to Tri-County Electric.