Smith Quits

Smith resigns from Memorial Board
Board member cites philosophical differences
by C.F. David

The Boise City News learned on Tuesday morning, by hand carried letter, that Janice Smith has resigned from the board of Cimarron Memorial Hospital.

In the letter Smith said:

“It is with great regret that I must resign from the Board of Control of Cimarron Memorial Hospital, effective January 1, 2004.

I have found my position on the Board to be very frustrating. My goals for Cimarron Memorial Hospital are not the same as those of the rest of the Board members. Because of this, we are at odds on almost all issues, and I am criticized for almost every question I ask. I find myself ill and sometimes bedridden the day after a Board meeting; therefore, I must, regretfully, make this change and resign from the Board.

Sincerely, Janice Smith

The letter was addressed to the Cimarron County Commissioners, Hospital Board, and Hospital Administrator, John Smith.

The board members serve at the pleasure of the County Commissioners and are chosen and appointed by the commission.

Smith’s resignation will leave the board short two members when member Judy Dawson’s appointment expires in January.

When contacted by The Boise City News, Board Chairman Alan Shields, declined to give a quote because the resignation had caught him unaware.

The board had been called on in recent months to replace the hospital’s administrator three times since March.

Ms. Smith, a retired Registered Nurse, was the member most recently appointed, and the only board member with a medical background.