Boise City Postmaster warns of existence of financial scam(s)

Susie Tooley, Postmaster of the Boise City Post Office, warns consumers of the existence and possible approach of scams using financial instruments such as money orders.

According to information from the Ft. Worth, Texas Post Office and supplied by Tooley, the initial contact is usually innocent and appears on the Internet.

The perpetrator posing as a student, tourist, or an individual overseas in the military, ask for help in cashing checks and or money orders. Online auctioneers are also at risk. The scammer will make a purchase online and then send a check or money order in excess of the price, asking that the overage be returned.

The individual being scammed is also responsible for the check or money order deposited, if its found to be fraudulent.

The scams' common factors are:

Contact via Internet

Cmmunications are often with bad grammar, misspellings and misused words.

Counterfeit postal Money orders are usually in denominations from $800 to $1,000. Commercial checks and other money orders can be in varying amounts but are often triple the above amounts.

Victims are to wire funds back, and often are told to keep an amount for themselves.

Transactions involving merchandise purchases usually involve payment in an amount larger than the purchase price, with a request to wire back the difference.

To prevent being a victim always be:

Refuse to disclose personal financial information.
Never wire funds unless you know the check or money order is legitimate.

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