Plainview Elementary School Designated A Learning Skills Mastery School

The faculty and classroom support staff at South Elementary School attended a six-hour workshop. Learning Skills Mastery, which focuses on the learning processes useful for successful learning in the classroom. Historically, the focus of educators has been on teaching with little understanding of what goes on in the minds of students as they learn.

The designation is presented to those schools where at least ninety-percent of the faculty attends the workshop. The workshop focuses on the internal mental processes involved with learning and is the result of years of research and development,” said Paul M, Brown, M.S., founder of the National Center for Learning Enhancement. “The workshop covers how students learn before they ever step inside a classroom and applies aspects of that process to classroom learning,” Brown said.

Six fundamental learning skills along with several strategies are presented for learning how to spell, learn the math tables, vocabulary, and reading comprehension. Also covered are how to apply these learning skills to social studies, language arts, and mathematics. “Students who learn the fundamental learning skills potentially know how to learn any subject and how to make any subject interesting or fun,” Brown said.


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