Minister meets a challenge of his faith

by Wynona Hail

Archie Cooper, a former pastor of Boise City , at age 93 still has a desire to do something positive for his community and to give glory to God. Rev. Cooper is currently Chairman of a committee to raise funds to erect a Ten Commandments monument in his local town of McLean , TX. The quilt pictured here is part of that project to raise the needed funds.

Rev. Cooper served as pastor of the Pentecostal Holiness Church in Boise City from 1939 to 1942 and again in 1956 until 1962. He is still very active in various projects and returns to Boise City on occasion as a guest speaker at the local church.

Last August when Rev. Cooper of McLean , Texas heard of the removal of the Ten Commandments from the Alabama Court House he said, “God, how can we turn this around and do something positive in McLean ?” Mr. Cooper then talked to some residents and pastors of McLean regarding the possibility of erecting a Ten Commandments monument. There was lots of interest and a community meeting was held in the park. A property owner, Maggie Vines, volunteered a portion of her property as the site for the monument and excitement grew.

“We do not know of another town or community in the western United States that has erected a Ten commandments Monument that will be seen by the public passing by,” Cooper said.

The beautiful hand made quilt pictured above has been donated and the sale price will be applied towards the needed funds. The quilter, Effie Everett, states the value of the quilt to be a minimum of $1 ,500 and possibly as high as $2,400. Ms. Everett said it took her three years to make this quilt and when she heard of the Ten Commandments project she wanted to help raise the needed funds. A drawing for the quilt will be held. Tickets will be sold at $20 each and a minimum of 100 tickets must be sold. The quilt will be on display at the Flower Cottage florist shop in McLean . The drawing will be held on December 21, 2005 , provided all tickets have been sold.

Contributions toward this project may be made directly at the Bank of Commerce Bank in McLean to the Ten Commandments Fund or through the local churches of McLean . If you need further information regarding this project you may contact Archie Cooper at (806)779-2107 or one of the local pastors in McLean .

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