Gonzalez trial date postponed

Alleged killer to be tested for  a mental defense

by C.F. David



A trial date was delayed during  a Nov. 14 appearance in a Ft. Smith, Ark. courtroom by Daniel Gonzalez, the alleged killer of a former Boise City resident.

“There wasn’t a trial date set, and I’ll tell you why. His attorney has filed a motion to have him examined for a mental defense,” said Steve Tabor a Ft. Smith prosecutor.

Gonzalez, 20, has entered a plea of not guilty for the Sept. 10 murder of Shon Pilkington, a former Boise City resident and a 1986 BCHS graduate.

Pilkington, 35, was found stabbed to death in his Ft. Smith home after he failed to report to work.


Gonzalez, an acquaintance of Pilkington’s, was later found in possession of Pilkington’s car, credit cards, and a ring.

The charge against Gonzalez is First Degree Murder, which in Arkansas, carries a potential life term.

Tabor explained that in Arkansas, the death penalty is only given for Capital Murder cases.