Collinsí Comments

by Kelly Collins


Democracy is defined as a government for the people by the will of the majority of the people.

Do we live in a democracy? No, not when some get preferential treatment for one reason or the other. Sometimes it is to redress past inequalities. Sometimes it perpetuates old inequities that have existed for a long time.


It is time to put aside quotas, and go on abilities. We are guaranteed equality after all. We all have the right to compete for jobs based on our abilities, not our race or social status. We all have the right to apply to the college of our choice and expect fairness in the selection of the ones that are best qualified for the institution they have applied for.

We are supposed to have equal justice for every one. We are supposed to be guaranteed a speedy trial, tried by a jury of our peers. We are guaranteed due process under the constitution.

Is there equal justice? Are we being given due process under the Patriotís Act and the Patriotís Act enhancement? No. It is that simple, NO.

Cities, Counties and other governing bodies are protesting the Patriotís Act and its enhancement. The ACLU has a number of cases challenging different parts of those two new laws.


If they want to do away with due process then the Constitution must be amended not suspended. There is a process that we have gone through before that is constitutional to amend the laws. Those amendments must be ratified state by state.

In each historic Democracy there has been a pattern that we can look at and apply to our own times. Most Democracies have been brought down from within, not from outside forces. Those that fell to outside forces first weakened themselves to the point that they were vulnerable.

One professor of history I had many years ago had the theory that the seeds of distraction is planted with the new democracy and that those seeds were already sprouting. That was 25 years ago.

We are human beings and we have a human nature. One part of that nature is to be powerful. A government is overthrown by rebels because of the corrupt dealings, the restrictive nature of the laws and the abuses of power. Once in power they set up a new government that steadily if slowly grows to the corruption and abuses of power that leads to a new rebellion. That is not speculation or hyperbole it is fact, it is the history of mankind.

It is not time for amendments and changes, it is time to take a step back and get back to what our founding fathers created for us. It is time to reread the constitution and get rid of the misinterpretations of the laws and rights we were guaranteed.

Can it be done? I honestly donít know. What do you think?