First of all, Cimarron Memorial would like the public to know our names. Cimarron Memorial is the name for the entire facility as well as the hospital and emergency room entities. Cimarron Nursing Home is the name for the nursing home. Cimarron Medical Clinic is the name for the clinic. There appears to have been some confusion in earlier articles regarding what portion of the facility we were reporting on. Now you know.

Cimarron Memorial is really striving to be a cohesive unit, despite the separate entities that are included under that name. In keeping with this vision, the staff throughout the facility will meet for a Thanksgiving meal on November 23 for the day staff at noon and in the evening for the night staff. This celebration will be repeated close to Christmas also.


Elves in the guise of Eta Alpha Sorority members have been hard at work readying the gazebo and courtyard south of the facility for the holidays. It is rumored some husbands of those elves might have also been seen in action on the premises. Take a trip by the facility at night and see what they have done. Jerry Robertson and Lance Fowler have also been busy preparing lights for around the eaves while other employees have been decorating the foyer to the hospital. Barring a lot of snow, there will be lights outlining the fence as well, completed by facility employees.

Since this is November, families of nursing home residents and staff will meet for a family dinner on November 20 at 5:30 PM. A good turnout is expected for the dinner as there are many excellent cooks in the Cimarron Memorial family. Shortly after the meal, Christmas parade entries can be viewed as they line up for the lighted parade, which will start just south of the nursing home.

We welcome Paul Miller, new Chief Financial Officer, to Cimarron Memorial. Paul, who hails from Louisiana, comes to us with vast knowledge and experience in financial matters. He and his wife will soon be living in our midst. By the way, he enjoys gardening, roses especially.

Painting is just about completed in the main areas of the hospital. Jerry Robertson and Lance Fowler have been busy on this project. Lance has also shown-he has expertise in wallpapering. There is more decorating to come in the nursing home later this year.

Due to the generosity of Colorado's Baca County Health Department, residents of the nursing home received flu shots this month. There are still no flu shots available in-county for other county residents .

There have been inquiries about the availability of respite care for family members during the holidays. Cimarron Nursing Home may provide such care on a person-by-person basis. If there is a need for this, please contact Nancy Roberts or Wanda Halbert at 544-2501 as soon as possible as space is limited.

We at Cimarron Memorial give thanks for the support of our community as well as the many kindnesses done by individuals and businesses on a daily basis.







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