Four More Years!

by Chance Reynolds

George W. Bush now has his mandate! President-elect Bush has been given an opportunity to finish what he started in his first term. It is my belief that the President will follow the example of Ronald Reagan and make America safe once again.

The Reagan Administration destroyed the Soviet Union when all the liberals said it was impossible. He did it by strengthening the military and by going on a moral crusade against the Soviets. He did all this with the wishy-washy bleeding-heart libs crying out that he was an idiot and a danger to us all. (Sound Familiar) Reagan was at his finest when he listened to his conscience not the cries from the left or from his own party.

George Bush has a unique opportunity in Washington, he has been given both houses of the Congress and a majority in the Supreme Court. He can advance his domestic policy and fight the War on Terror as he sees fit. The President should follow the example of Ronald Reagan and follow his conscience not the protests or the cheers.

The side that screams the loudest simply wants to be heard but the side that patiently explains wants to make a difference.



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