Statewide AFO/CAFO EQIP Fund availability has been announced

Cherrie Brown USDA-Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) District Conservationist in Boise City . announces that funding is now available under the Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) for treatment of resource concerns for large confined animal feeding operations statewide for fiscal year 2005. Oklahoma has set aside a total of $350,000 for cost share assistance to apply conservation practices and management incentives for the treatment of water quality resource concerns relative to animal waste management. Applicants will compete statewide for the EQIP large confined animal resource concern funds. Successful applicants will be selected from a statewide list of applicants with high priority resource concerns as addressed in the application ranking criteria.

The 2002 Farm Bill removed the restrictions on the use of EQIP funds for the large confined animal feeding operations (AFO/CAFO), and the State Technical Committee requested a statewide process to address the potential water quality impacts of these operations to the rivers and streams of the state. This allows these operations to apply for EQIP financial assistance for animal waste storage, treatment, and utilization for eligible beef, dairy, and swine operations to address these potential resource concerns. Priority is given to existing large confined animal operations that are maintaining or reducing the size of the operation with a lesser priority for expanding facilities. New facilities of any type, along with poultry operations are ineligible. All applicants will be required to develop, implement, and maintain a comprehensive nutrient management plan (CNMP) during the EQIP contract period.

We are accepting applications for participation in the statewide AFO/CAFO EQIP program on a continuous basis. However, only applications received by January 15, 2005, will be ranked and considered during this initial selection period. Evaluated applications will be grouped and selected for funding from a statewide pool of applicants soon after April 1, until the funding allocation is obligated. Unsuccessful applications will be maintained for future funding consideration if the applicant chooses to remain on the waiting list. Successful applicants with high priority resource concerns will be contacted to develop contracts to obligate the current funding allocation. Individual large confined animal feeding operations that have high priority resource concerns and are interested in participation in EQIP may apply at any time at your local NRCS or CCCD office at 210 South Cimarron or by calling (580) 544-2812 Applications received will be evaluated according to the statewide ranking criteria as workload permits and reviewed for potential funding as program allocations become available.



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