Collins Comments

by Kelly Collins

In a speech by one of the governors he was bewailing the loss of morality in America. He was comparing what used to be to what is now. It started me thinking. The most powerful instrument of change has been television. Radio has played a role as well.

Television gave us instant news on the spot coverage of anything and every thing. That is a good thing. What is bad is the deterioration in the kinds of shows we can watch. Some would like to blame the industry for what is on TV. We cannot do that. The blame is ours. If we didn't watch these programs they would not stay on the air long.

I have used this example before when it comes to censorship. It is a good one. I remember when Gone with the Wind came out. There was a great debate going on as to whether or not children should be allowed into the theater because of Clark Gable's famous line “Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn.” With what we see being brought to our own living rooms these days that is very mild.


The powers that were back then wisely decided it was not their business to impose restrictions on what children could watch but left that decision in the hands of the parents where it belongs.

When we bemoan the deterioration of morality in America and want to point fingers of blame we need not go out of our houses. We have allowed this. We have allowed the government, the industry and groups of “concerned citizens” to dictate what is right or wrong for our children, for us and for our neighbors.

If songs have gone from “Love Letters in the Sand” to “I Want to Have Sex on the Beach” it is because we either bought the music or allowed our children to. We have gone from “Little House on the Prairie,” to “Sex in the City.”

I repeat it is not the media's fault, they are supplying what WE watch and what WE buy.

Enough said.



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