by Norma Gene Young

I don't often clean out the junk in my house. I can usually go to a pile of stuff looking for something and find it. But unfortunately I did clear out some things recently that I knew I wouldn't be needing. Oh yeah!

The moral of this tale is: don't throw anything away, friends. Ever. Keep all of it. You might be desperate for it later.

A friend called me long distance a couple of weeks ago, wanting an address. I knew I had it. Right here. Written in my address book. Well—not here. Then in my pile of old letters. Nope. Not there.

Three phone calls later (two long distance) I was given an E-mail address. I called back the needy person, and now Bob Urioste is a happy man.

Just call me, friends, when you want something. I'm never clearing out old clutter again.


I read a story recently that mentioned Madame Schumann-Heink, an Austrian opera singer of many years ago. I was reminded of my German grandmother, who came to America when she was 17. She was a musician, and the only female singer she would allow to be played on her old phonograph was Schumann-Heink. Woe be unto the person who came up with anybody else's recording.

My grandmother's brother, dear Uncle Herman, vowed (and kept that vow) to never attend one of those new-fangled “movin' pitchers”. The movies were the cause of so many musicians losing their jobs in orchestras that had been hired for silent screen background music. And now the musicians were out of jobs.

Have I ever mentioned that Germans are not stubborn people? If I have, I lied!


Hallelujah! The election is over! I can now answer my caller ID phone!


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