Detailing the Issues

by Robert Shank

It's over. The elections of 2004 have finally been decided. It seems none of the experts knew anything. The exit polling was once again very biased toward the left. Now we have the Hollywood left and the Washington elite scratching their heads in wonder of what happened. I'll tell you what happened; Christians are tired of having their moral values stomped on by the non-believing world.

Satan's hand was very much in these elections. You could see it. In the lies, the trickery, the liberal agenda and the division.

As I see it good morals and God's people said enough, is enough. Christians finally got out to vote.

How long can we sit by and watch the tearing down of our belief system by a very small and very vocal radical minority? It looks very promising for our future when the Christian heartland takes a stand for morals.

I've heard it said just let those blue states go ahead and secede from the union and join Canada. I don't think that should happen, Look at the county map of the election, the blue counties are very small in number but high in population. Most of America has common sense values. So if you wonder what group of people need our prayers the most, it's the people in those big cities. A brand new mission field, the northeast and the west coast. Remember if we confess Jesus to man then Jesus will confess us to his father in heaven

Thank God for president Bush, Thank God for the Unites States, and mostly thank God for his son and our Saviour Jesus Christ



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