Boise City School District will bring citizens a bond issue

The Boise City School District, it's board and Superintendent Dan Faulkner are asking the taxpayers of the district to support a Dec. 14 bond election.

The bonds, if passed would supply the district with $370 thousand for building repairs and improvements and another $50 thousand for transportation equipment.

Because of state law, the election will be divided into two separate issues; the $370 thousand for building concerns and the $50 for transportation.

Faulkner points out that with low interest rates and the fact that the school's bond issue will pay out in the spring of 2005, this is an excellent time for the taxpayer since any additional costs will be low.

According to information supplied by the districts, some of the needs are as follows:

1. The windows at the high school are of single pane construction, frames have deteriorated and they are contributing to increased heating and cooling costs.

2. Carpet in the K-2 building and in places in the high school and Jr. High is worn, torn and/ or buckled and cannot be repaired.

3. Sidewalks at the high school and concrete curbs made to facilitate drainage at the Jr. High and grade school are very badly crumbled and/or broken.

4. Bathrooms at the Junior High building and in the auditorium and some doors in our buildings do not meet current Federal guidelines for handicapped accessibility.

5. The track at the football field is deteriorating and needs major work.

6. The concessions area outside the high school gym is small often badly crowded during school functions.

7. Wooden doors in the auditorium have suffered severe water damage due to leakage from the roof.

8. Tile floors in the foyer and stage of the auditorium are in need of replacement.

9. The playground at the Elementary site is in need of more safe play equipment.

10. Fiber siding on the breezeway has warped and rotted and is leaking.

11. Some of the vehicles used to transport our students have very high mileage and must be replaced.

And if passed:

1. The windows at the High School will be replaced with energy efficient, thermal glass and frames.

2. Carpet will be installed where needed.

3. Damaged sidewalks and curbing will be replaced where needed.

4. The auditorium rest rooms will be refurbished to meet current Federal guidelines and a handicapped accessible bathroom will be built on the ground floor of the Junior High building.

Doors will be upgraded in the buildings to comply with Federal guidelines.

5. The running track will be replaced.

6. The current area used for concessions will be expanded to provide room for tables and chairs. This area may also be used as a commons area for students to gather and work before school and during lunch.

9. The auditorium doors will be replaced by steel doors. (The roofs have been repaired)

8. New tile or carpet will be installed where appropriate in the auditorium.

9. New playground equipment with appropriate landscaping and safety consideration will be installed.

10. Rotted and warped siding will be replaced by more durable aluminum siding.

11. One bus and one mini-van will be purchased to replace older, high-mileage vehicles.





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