Keyes City Council keeps gas prices down...for now

by C.F. David

J.C. Moser told the Keyes Council and Utility Board on Tuesday night, that prices on natural gas remain steady...for now. This was good news to the council and citizens at the meeting, since nationwide a sharp price spike is expected this winter.

EMS Director Willie Shelly told the council that the ambulance had made three runs this month and that progress on the new EMS Building was on schedule.

The council opened two bids for the old locker plant. However, Scott Arthaud expressed some concern that the high bidder did not explain what plans they had for the building. Arthaud's biggest concern seemed to be that if the building sold it might remain standing.

“Given the problem we have with old buildings, it'd be nice to know what they are doing with it,” Arthaud said.

The council made a decision to decline the bids and reopen them with hopes they cold perhaps learn what the next high bidder had in mind for the building.

In new business Municipal Judge Avis Strasner told the council she had a good learning experience from the course they sent her to in Waggnor.

“They had classes more pertinent to small towns,” she said. “I learned that community service as a way to work off fines is legal for us. I felt it, (the course was worth the expense and it's made me more confident,” Strasner said.

Moser told the council that his courses have called attention to the fact the city needs to update it's Capital Improvements Plan.

“This should be updated when we apply for grants,” he said.

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