Had to go find my soapbox! Politicians on both sides of the aisle, and the ones standing in the middle, have managed to raise my dander these last couple of weeks!

I've decided that someone needs to hire me as their campaign manager. Not that I know “diddly” about politics, but that small fact doesn't play into this scenario. The first thing I would do is make my candidate take a shower, especially if they had already been on the campaign trail for awhile. Mud-slinging makes not only the slinger, but also the “slingee” very filthy. Rule #1: No more mud fights!

After a hot shower, my candidate would don a pair of jeans, a tee-shirt (with no slogans) and a pair of sneakers, all of which were purchased at the local thrift shop. We would then hop in an old pickup, which the candidate just filled up (and paid for) at the local convenience store, and spend the day driving around the county. No hoopla, no crowds, no waving, no holding babies and definitely no speeches. Just a day of undercover observation. Rule #2: You are not a god, you're just an ordinary citizen.

After supper at a local restaurant and a good night's sleep, my candidate (who doesn't own a cell-phone) would spend the entire day alone. I'd give him/her a Big Chief tablet and a fat, red pencil and say, “Have a good day, Candidate. This evening I'll be back and I expect to see that tablet filled with truth. No doodles, no high-minded imaginings, no writing about what you think the voter wants to hear! All I want to read is what you honestly believe. And while you're at, tell me why you think you're the best person for the job. I don't want to hear why the other guy is wrong, or what the other guy did ten years ago. Just give me your best shot of what you believe and want to change. And make sure you tell me how you plan to make those changes. Good luck!” Rule #3: Tell the truth, tell us what you believe, and don't “dis” the opponents.

Now that the candidate is clean, dressed and grounded, he/she is ready to go on the campaign trail. But I would make sure there was a can of “Raid” in the backpack, along with sunscreen, a jacket and a flashlight. On the trail, the candidate will encounter bloodsuckers and other nasty biters. The limelight will be very bright at times. And the candidate may get cold when there are no “good ole boys” keeping him/her warm. The trail will sometimes be dark, and a little treacherous, so the flashlight will come in handy when the candidate needs to keep on the right path and there are no markers (polls) telling him/her which way to turn. Rule #4: No matter what others say, keep to the path you know is right.

In today's world, my candidate might be a laughed off the trail! Or elected! Because I have a feeling I'm not the only voter fed up with the spin, the mudslinging, the wishy-washiness, the polls and the pundits. I just want to yell, “Stop - all of you! Go gather up the signs you have plastered all over the county and quit calling us every five minutes with your pre-recorded messages. Refuse to endorse an ad spouting the evils of your opponent. Just tell us what YOU believe in and what YOU can do to make our country better, safer and whole.” Or maybe we just need to take another poll so the politicians will know what we're thinking? Then they might pay attention to us - the ordinary citizens who write their paychecks and vote them in or out of office!

And while we're on the subject of voting - next week, you and I will hold the future of Cimarron Memorial Hospital in our hands. We will decide if its doors remain open or are closed. I encourage each of you to vote to retain the established tax that keeps its doors open ! This week, next week, next month, next year, it may be you (or me) whose life is saved - or lost - by a mere check mark on the ballot! Please vote “Yes”!

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