This week was so awesome. My family went to the pumpkin patch in Etter with some friends. They have a feed crop cut into a maze, a field with seventeen different kinds of pumpkins growing and stacks of hay surrounding corn to make a pit you can jump in.

First we got to go through the maze. My friends and I went in the maze two times because it was that much fun!!

Next we all went to the corn pit and jumped from the bales of hay into the corn a few times until we found out that it was much more fun to throw the corn at each other. It was a fierce battle. I knew if I was going to make it out alive I would have to hide under the hay. Corn ended up inside my clothing which was very uncomfortable. My niece was the worst wounded because she has an afro which ended up with way too much hay stuck in it. After cleaning up a bit we wandered off to the pumpkin patch.

They gave us a cart and giant pruning shears and sent us on our merry way. We each searched for the pumpkin we thought was perfect. Todd found one that looked like a horse's hind quarters without the tail of course. Tamia and I got little ones that were perfect color and shape. My mom found one that was blue with warts. My friend found one that was the biggest I have ever seen. My sister found a white one with unusual orange markings.

I am most definitely planning on going next year.

My sister, Anita, said that she and her husband and children are going to make this their fall break every year. And hopefully so is my family.

And this is the coolest part of the week.

We won the football game Friday!!

I believe it was 28 to 20 but I am not for sure. We played the Goodwell Eagles.

It was so cool we did an awesome job. All I can say is this team rocks. GO WILDCATS!!

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