Jennifer (Warren) Miller had no idea that the journal she began on her dining room table might someday become a published book.

Miller’s just published Our Hearts’ Desire (1st Books- ISBN#1-4107-7638-7) chronicles the Millers’, (Her husband is Frank Todd Miller), victory over the heartache of their seeming inability to have children. The book is dedicated to “Those who’ve struggled, especially with infertility.”

The book’s cover, designed by Miller, is a cross surrounded by the pictures of their nieces and nephews.
“There is nothing wrong with either of us,” Miller shrugged. “There is no specific medical reason we can’t have children; but God’s timing is perfect.”

The Millers have been together for 16 and one-half years and married for 13. “We’ve been trying for 11 years,” Miller smiled. “This,” Miller said motioning at the book,” is a story of love and encouragement.”
The Miller’s have considered both Invitro-fertilization and adoption and have decided neither route is God’s answer to them. “This (apparent infertility) is a situation where you feel alone.” “Something like this can consume you; wear you out physically. When we got married, we had a little two-door car. When we started thinking about a family, we knew we needed something bigger. Now, 11 years and I don’t know how many cars later, that’s how we’ve bought each car,” Miller shook her head. “Now we are determined to just enjoy life and each other. We’ve made up our minds not to let ‘what if’ control our lives,” Miller said with determination.

Asked if her husband Frank Todd ever hesitated about her writing and publishing the book, Miller shook her head no. “But it’s hard for others to relate. There are so many people out there with problems. This is just how we’ve handled it, gotten through it.”

Miller began the book as a daily journal, written in long hand on her living room couch and at her dining room table. “I started out writing it by hand and then moved to the computer as it grew,” Miller explained.
Miller has already begun her second book, “If the Lord doesn’t change it, it’ll be about perseverance, not giving up on your dreams; making them a reality,” she said. Miller completed the book with the help of friends and family.
“I have two friends, Jodi and Kelly, they were my sounding boards, my partners in prayer. Also, Brian Long, my pastor was a big help.”

During the struggle and disappointment, the Millers have also had to deal with the changes life throws at anyone.
Miller’s mother, the late Maureen Warren was diagnosed with cancer and lost her battle within the same six-month period her husband lost his younger sister Christie.

Miller’s eyes fill with tears with the thought of her mother’s death. “Yeah, that hurts,” but it’s OK; because she and my dad (Ralph Warren) have instilled enough Christian heritage in my life, that I can still pass that on to my children. I can’t dwell on the fact that she’s not here. I have to focus on what she left me.”

“My dad’s remarried; she’s a wonderful woman and she’ll be a really good grandmother.” “We’ve lost grandparents, my mother, his sister. All of them people that would have enjoyed our children. You, we, want specific people in our lives, to share our joy. Asked what she would leave to any reader or another couple agonizing over being childless, Miller said: “Trust God or be miserable.”

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