The U.N. Corrupt?

by Chance Reynolds

Apparently so. The Volcker Report is in and it names names. The Volcker Report was done by Paul Volcker; he is the leader of an independent investigation into the Oil-for-Food program. This program was set up in 1996 to allow supplies to be imported to the people of Iraq by selling their oil.

The Volcker Report has unearthed some very interesting facts as to why some nations, on the U.N. Security Council, opposed the Iraq War with such vigor. Apparently, it is because they were making a lot of money off a program designed to feed the hungry people of Iraq. Some of the big players in this game were France, Russia, and China. These nations, it appears, were actually selling their vote at the expense of the Iraqi people and American security.

This is the climate of the United Nations today. Instead of following their very own Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) of eradicating hunger, achieving universal primary education, and empowering women around the globe. It seems that some members of this global organization are more interested in lining their own pockets. Aren't these MDGs some of the very same reasons the U.S. and its Allies went into Iraq in the first place. It looks to me like some of these nations should visit the U.N. website themselves so they can understand what they are supposed to be doing.

This is the global body that John Kerry would give American security to. This is the U.N. that John Kerry would give his “global test” to. This is the U.N. that sold their votes so that they could make money on the suffering of the Iraqi people. Might they do the same to us?

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