Cross Country Results
by Coach Darla Bocock

The weekend marked the end of the Cross country season, and the ‘Cats finished on a high note.

Lead this weekend by Reuben Bocock, who had missed the core of the season due to injuries, the boys team finished a respectable 11th in a very tough field of competitors.

Reuben, Tavis Hallmark and Jose Rodriguez missed vital conditioning weeks due to injuries, but ran gutsy races to finish as a team.

Dustin struggled Saturday, but finished with an improved time by 10 seconds.

Uriel and Destry, our two newbies this year, finished their first state meet in good form; improving their times by a minute and one-half and two and one-half minutes respectively from the beginning of the season.

Overall, we had an awesome season and I would like to thank all my runners, boys and girls for all the hard work and dedication.

From the effort I have received this year, I can't wait for track!


High School Boys, 3.1 miles

Reuben Bocock 18:35 26th

Dustin Kincannon 19:22 43rd

Tavis Hallmark 20:09 71st

Jose Rodriguez 21:41 89th

Uriel Rodriguez 23:02 96th

Destry Elms 24:26 101st

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