Slinging a Smooth Stone

by CF David, Editor

As you become a man, (or woman), put away childish things

I was reared in a different era. My parents were God-fearing and temperate. We were in church every Sunday morning and night, often on Wednesdays and when any church in the towns of Keyes, Griggs, or Boise City had a Revival we were there.

I even reluctantly traveled to Eva, to see a saliva-slinging boy, (about 8-10 years old), preach the Brimstone Gospel in a tent.

As I mentioned, my parents were temperate, neither of them had ever smoked or drank. It was expected that I as the son of parents who belonged to the Women's Temperance Union, would join the Youth Temperance Council. So I joined; even though I already had doubts about prohibition.

We David's could play a parlor card game named ROOK, but regular cards were forbidden; pool, snooker, and pin ball machines were identified with Demon Rum, they too were frowned upon.

Vernon Wilson and Ted Smith will be shocked; but Boy Scout and 4-H camps were my escape and chance (even then clandestinely), to sample cigarettes, (Plus those I stole from my older brother).

In any case, as with any child, I'm sure I disappointed my parents from time to time.

As I grew older I questioned more closely my mother's arguments against liquor-by-the-drink. To her, the era of prohibition, had been a success, and it was important that Oklahoma remain “Dry”. Even though at that time we had “Bring Your Own Bottle” bars. I saw liquor-by-the-drink as a safer alternative, when it came to drinking and driving.

As I had tried smoking, I tried alcohol, and I will admit I behaved recklessly, and luckily I didn't hurt myself or others. But had I made a mistake, my parents would have quickly shown me the error of my ways.

I no longer smoke; but on occasion, I do have a drink; either in my home, or if I have designated driver, perhaps in public. I now recognize my responsibilities.

Of late, through the Cimarron County Courthouse, have passed numerous charges of DUI, minor in possession, and transportation of open container. We've had vandalism, fights, and accidents. We, ( Cimarron County citizens) need to bring it under control, and only we can do it.

I still despise prohibition in any guise. I think antismoking laws are dangerous and will lead to the government telling us what we can eat. I don't believe that alcohol should be prohibited, but I think responsible drinking should be the norm, and when in the course of a work day, beer is stashed in a cooler in the bed of a truck or the trunk of a car, or a pint is stashed under a vehicle seat, that isn't responsible.

Our youth need guidance, not knowing winks when a six-pack turns up missing from the fridge. If their parents consume alcohol, they need to see them doing it safely.

Some want a curfew on our teens, and I have a problem with curfews. Curfews are easy for politicians because they punish a class of citizens who can't vote. Instead of a curfew I would like to see more parental responsibility. And, I'd like the city to patrol the streets later at night. If you're an adult who acts childishly...then I'd like to see you grow up.

Some would say that it isn't any business of mine or of The Boise City News to criticize the behavior of citizens; and many heads would nod in agreement. However, I drive the highways of Cimarron County , and those I love do as well, so I feel I have a right.

As for The Boise City News , a community should expect, (and respect), that it's paper is its conscience

The word for the week is moderation.


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