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by C.F. David

Individuals, living in Oklahoma that own All-Terrain-Vehicles, (ATVs), or Off-Road-Motorcycles, (ORMs, or dirt bikes), may need to get them registered and tagged.

An ATV is defined as: A motorized vehicle manufactured and used exclusively for off-highway use which is 60 inches or less in width, with an unladen dry weight of 1,500 pounds or less, traveling on two or more low-pressure tires.

An ORM is defined as: A motorcycle used exclusively off roads or highways in this state.

According to Sylvia Hall, Cimarron County 's Motor License Agent, a law has been on the books since July 1, 2005 requiring such registration unless:

F You are a licensed motor vehicle dealer.

F ATVs or ORMs purchased by holders of agricultural exemption permits issued pursuant to 68 O.S. 1358.1 are exempt from titling and registration requirements. They have the option of titling and registering their ATVs or ORMs exempt from the assessment of excise tax.

Existing ATVs or ORMs on which there is no change of ownership, may be titled and registered at the owner's option. In that situation, only a title fee of $11 and ATV registration fee of $11 is due. No excise tax would be assessed.

Hall explains that the registration and tagging will make it easier to track and locate stolen ATVs and ORMs than it was previously. The tagging and registration is a onetime requirement.

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