Cimarron Memorial refinances note

by C.F. David

With the power of a Cimarron County Commission resolution behind them, the Cimarron Memorial's Board visited with Clayton's Farmer & Stockman's Bank to refinance their note.

“They renegotiated with what was available on the sales tax,” said CEO Kevin Conner. “That helped us with payday last Friday,” he added.

“I think there are a lotta good things happening and the clock isn't going to run out before we can set up the Federal Health Clinic. “We have help coming from unexpected sources, like the CEO of the Guymon Hospital . He has offered to help us analyze this hospital from top to bottom, to see what we need. I have very little experience in the health environment. He has 30 years. It would have been stupid to have turned down his help. ”

“They [Guymon Administration and Board] all understand that this hospital is needed,” Conner said.

“Their intentions are good. It's one thing I haven't understood; why these hospitals in the area haven't grouped together.”

Asked if the search was still on for another CEO, Conner shrugged and explained that he thought not at the present.

“What we really need is doctors. That should be our top priority. Again we are getting help from unexpected sources on where to look. The Stones as far as I know will continue their work here. But I am very optimistic about this hospital's future. We have been getting too many offers help not to be (optimistic),” Conner said.

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