We need to show up, and pull together

It was gratifying to see nearly 100 people last Tuesday night to listen to plans for a Federal Health Clinic.

The funds to the clinic, and potential referrals to Cimarron Memorial Hospital , could mean a turn around such as the facility has never seen.

All three County Commissioners were there, as were all four serving members of the Cimarron Memorial Hospital Board.

There were citizens in attendance from across the county, from the Kenton area, Felt, Boise City ; and Keyes was well represented.

Glaringly absent were ANY members of the city councils of Boise City or Keyes, or the administrations and or boards of the county's four school systems. I saw one employee of the Boise City Bank and no officers of either bank in attendance. If I missed someone, I apologize.

This county, these cities and their businesses depend obviously or not, on this hospital facility. You personally might use doctors and a hospital from out of state, and there will be a Felt, Boise City and Keyes without Cimarron Memorial Hospital . However, the population will be even more greatly reduced, which means a lower tax base, there will be an even worse chance of gaining new industry and population, and our aging citizens will have to find another nursing home in which to live out the end of their lives.

Do we really want to return to 1950? Do we want to turn the clock back nearly 60 years? We need this hospital and we need our community leaders behind it...now. - C. F. David, Editor

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