A.G. hopeful visits Cimarron County

James Dunn, is running against and hopes to unseat, Attorney General Drew Edmondson.

Dunn is an attorney from Luther, just east of Oklahoma City .

“It's a small town with no stoplight, but we just got a new Sonic and a Dollar Store.”

“I'm just a guy with a wife and three kids, 15, eight and five,” Dunn said.

“I was raised by a carpenter and his wife. I put myself through law school by driving nails. I joined the Bar in 1992, and have represented more than three thousand Oklahomans. I don't take criminal cases or workers comp,” he added.

“I have put 85 thousand miles on my car and about 150 hours in an airplane to cover the state.

“I plan to stand up for what's right. I decided to run because we gotta have clean honest government. I polled voters and 96 percent said they thought we had corruption in state government. Two bad apples will spoil a bushel...we need to clean it out. I will prosecute Democrats, Republicans and Independents,” Dunn said.

“Teachers are terrified to mention the name of Jesus in the schools. The ACLU is having the Ten commandments removed. I'm tired of our rights being taken away. When I'm Attorney General of Oklahoma, the citizens of Oklahoma will have an attorney to fight for them. I'll go all the way to the Supreme Court,” Dunn said..

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