Wanted: Water Girls; prissy and lazy need not apply

Jillian, Kassidy and Jill; the young women who the Wildcat football team at once depends upon, tolerates and teases.

The three young women, the Wildcat Water Girls, make sure the football team has water to drink and can carefully help them take off pads when shoulders are bruised or dislocated.

Coach Daffern coerced us,” Kassidy Mizer said with a grin.

Jillian Prather motioned at her classmate; she and I weren't going out for softball as Freshmen, so he came to us and said, ‘Hey you're Water Girls.' ”she smiled.

“Besides, he knew we'd do anything,” Mizer added. “You can't be lazy and do this job.”

“Or prissy,” Jill Spake chimed in.

“Oh no, you can't be prissy, ‘cause you'll be carrying around their sweaty towels and all of a sudden, you'll smell like them,” Mizer said as she made a face.

Prather grins, “Yeah you'll be sleeping on the bus, on the way home, and your head'll roll over til your nose is next to your shirt and you'll wake up saying ‘Ewww, football boys.' ”

Asked how and if, they ever faced an attitude from the boys, coaches or officials, Mizer just explained that you had to be strong-willed and refuse to be intimidated.

“You just can't take any crap from them. But usually they are all really very nice,” she said

“Sometimes they get caught up in the game,” Spake explained.

“I like it because it has given me an excuse to go to all the games. I've only watched two games from the stand since we were freshmen; and you are more into the game when you can be on the field,” Prather smiled. “I understand the game more; I understand how hard the boys and the coaches work to win,” Prather said as Spake and Mizer nodded.

Asked if they were ever frightened, each said it was the unknown injury that scared them the most.

“If it's a dislocated shoulder at least we know what it is...but a head injury, a concussion...,” Mizer frowned and shook her head as the others agreed.

Asked how they learn how to care for the injuries, Spake explained that she learned by watching Prather and Mizer and also that the coaches talked them through procedures.

“I've learned how to take pads off,” Prather said somberly.

“Oh yeah,” Mizer agreed.

“The coaches pretty much do most of it, and we get the stuff, tape, scissors,” Prather explained.

“I know if they have a knee injury, to get a bag of ice. And I've rubbed cramps out of their legs,” Prather added.

When asked about what they had found funny, all three young women laughed and Prather blushed.

“Well during a scrimmage, I threw a water bottle to Josh Bass just as he was taking off his helmet,” Mizer giggled. “He just hit it with his hand and it flew back and hit Levi (Schutte). It hit him right....and he dropped onto the ground. That was pretty funny,” she smiled.

“Then Tyler (Baird) and Chase (Loyd) they are hilarious all by themselves,” Mizer said.

“They'll take a squirt bottle and squirt the back of the coaches pants...,” Prather said. “...and they'll never know it until a wind gets up,” said Mizer completing the sentence.

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