Cimarron Memorial has new P.A.

Cimarron Memorial Hospital has drawn retired Physician Assistant Jack Shinkle out of retirement...and Texas.

Shinkle, who besides having a degree as a P.A. has a Ph.D. in Health and Medicine, is originally from the Dallas area and had been working at Dalhart in Coon Memorial's ER.

“I moved up to Dalhart thinking I'd retired. I just fell in love with the people and began working in their ER,” Shinkle explained. “Then Rod (Cimarron Memorial's CEO Rod Burrus) came down and talked to me, told me the vision he had for this hospital and I thought it sounded great. I just couldn't say no. I guess now I'll be working 80 hours a week again,” he grinned. “But, I couldn't have landed in a better spot. Folks here are so neat. I can't find anyone I don't like.”

Like many PA's Shinkle's love for medicine and his career path began as an Army Medic (Eight years in the Reserves) and has been a PA for 34 years. He attended Baylor's Houston medical School.

Shinkle has already formed friendships with both Drs. Wheeler and Yoga.

“I fly, but after going up with Dr. Wheeler I know he's a real pilot,” Shinkle laughed.

It cost about $100 an hour to fly and that's what I'd give my Peg for the privilege,” Shinkle said with misty eyes.

A widower after 42 years of marriage, Shinkle has two adult children and five grandchildren.


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