Guymon physican duo choose Tulsa

Issues at Guymon's Memorial Hospital brought Cimarron Memorial's Clinic close to having a medical duo visit twice a week, but the plans fell through.

Bill and Tana Settle, formerly of Guymon, have left that facility and Cimarron Memorial CEO Rod Burrus had hoped to have the couple visit the clinic twice a week since they had clients in the area.

“It is my understanding that they have decided to move to Tulsa,” Burrus said. “We called them, but their office business manager said they were not going to stay in the area.

Bill Settle was a Obstetric and Gynecological Physican; his wife Tana specialized in pediatrics and according to Burrus, some plastic surgery.

Burrus continued that the twice a week visit to the clinic was offered instead of a hospital home for the Settles for three different reasons.

1) Training of the nursing staff.

“You need to ask Connie Belford about how long it takes to train OB nurses. She told me it takes from six to eight months,” Burrus explained.

Indeed two skilled RNs at the Cimarron County facility told The Boise City News that they have great respect for trained OB Nurses being able to be focused immediately on two or more patients when birth occurs.

2) The lack of needed OB/GYN machinery at the hospital, fetal monitors, etc.; while the Settles might have had some personal equipment, Burrus explained that few physicans owned all the equipment needed for a safe delivery.

3) the immediate increase in medical liability insurance that would be needed by the hospital.

Burrus explained that at the present time with the hospital operating as it does without OB/GYN and surgery, the last figure given for a liability premium was more than $166 thousand; the hospital's insurance carrier is searching for a lower bid.

“Besides right now Dr. Yoga provides some GYN care through the clinic. If we had brought in another doctor we would have cut into her product line,” Burrus added.

Burrus explained that he too desired to see such physicans eventually come to Cimarron Memorial, but that it would just take time.

“Building such practices should be long term and gradual,” he said.

“Dr Settle (Tana) in pediatrics and Plastic Surgery. Because of our population demographic right now there wouldn't have been a lot of work for her here,” Burrus said.

“I talked to a nurse at Dalhart, and they, Coon Memorial, had decided against bringing in a Pediatrician because they felt it would have cut into their Family Practice physicans' business.”

“I had offered them (the Settles) two days a week, but, they decided on a more permanent practice,” Burrus concluded.

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