by Norma Jean Young

A good friend was aware recently that I am still having trouble with a bad cough. She came by my house to bring me a cure—as well as a package of home-made cookies.

The cookies were delicious and I took care of them right away.

I tried her pills. I really appreciate the friend thinking of me. It was very kind of her. I hadn't had that brand of cough cure since I was a little kid and my mother was a lot bigger than I was. They are truly awful tasting.

But if anybody wants to try a horehound drop, come by my house. They are available. (And I promised my generous friend that I would report that they work.

What in the world has happened to TV over the past few years?

In the early years of watching that new-fangled thing, there were always decent programs. Many of them were comedies, and there were several talk shows that were interesting, as well as music programs that did not resemble the current type of “music”.

Most of the “entertainers” now are broadcasters of slime. There is too much sleaze, trash, horror, tragedy, cursing, filth, indecency, skimpy clothes, foul language, violence and obscene situations.

There was a mention recently of a new show that is supposed to come soon. It was described as a Christian comedy, not from Hollywood , but filmed in Pittsburg , Pa. I failed to learn when it will start or what channel it will be on. But it might be worth watching for it. Greg Robbins (whoever he is) is involved in it. Maybe it will start a new trend for the better.

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