2006 Cimarron County land auction is uneventful

by C.F. David

As the gavel fell on each bid Tuesday morning, many Cimarron County ranchers and farmers sighed with relief and hugged each other. There was no anger, and the controversy of the 2005 auction was only a memory.

This year, approximately 121,587 thousand acres of school land brought about $231 thousand into the state's coffers. It's a low bid compared with one bidder, James Parker, a consultant, for his son Sam's Cimarron River Ranch who picked up about 22 thousand acres for a whopping $267 thousand at the 2005 auction. But, Boise City Attorney Stan Manske bid on and took two parcels of land for The Cimarron River Ranch, totaling about 879 acres. He paid $6.6 thousand. The bulk of the land is located about two miles north east of Kenton and comprises about 600 acres. The smaller plot of 277 acres is not quite two miles west of Kenton.

The bid total is paid in each of the five year duration of the lease, with half of the first year due Tuesday, and the second half on Jan. 21, 2007 . Each of the succeeding years are to be paid in full in January.

The school land was set aside in 1906 [four sections for each township] for the funding of secondary and higher education. However, of the $231 thousand bid today, Cimarron County will only receive about nine cents on the dollar [not quite $21 thousand] for its four schools in Felt, Boise City , Plainview and Keyes. The rest will be used either for the state's 13 land grant colleges of which OPSU is one, and for the building upkeep of the state capital.

Much as last year, the county's ranchers and farmers must now wait 12 months to hear the other shoe drop, when more land leases expire next October.

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