Conner knows what he's supposed to do; ---“Keep the wheels on.”

by C.F. David

As the new Interim CEO of Cimarron Memorial Hospital , Kevin Conner is the ninth CEO the hospital has had in four years. Conner has been the hospital's Chief financial Officer and will continue those duties.

He has in his words, “No illusions.”

“I have no illusions as to what my job is. I've got to keep the wheels on until someone gets here who knows what they are doing,” Conner said.

Asked when that individual might arrive, Conner replied, “As soon as possible. I'll be pulling help from anywhere I can find it...any place that helps the hospital. The purpose is to keep the doors open.”

Asked about rumors of million dollar loans, Conner replied, “The bank will support us to the extent possible. They are in business to make money. We gotta have enough capital to pay people and our bills; and to upgrade the facility. I don't think this place has ever been properly capitalized,” Conner said.

Asked if it could be done, he replied, “I don't know, we're gonna find out.”

Conner describes his management style as being more of a referee than boss.

“We've been making decisions from the top down, that doesn't seem to have been working,” Conner points out.

“I'm going to involve the board...probably more than they want to be,” he added.

Responding to questions over rumored infighting among the employees, Conner replied, “We need to make this hospital a community.

“The employees are going to be the real CEOs. I am going to ask the employees for advice. If you ask ten people and three have the same answer that would seem to be good advice,” he said.

Asked if rumors were true that checks written by the hospital had bounced, Conner calmly answered, “No Checks have checks are going to bounce. I won't allow that to happen. I've been an accountant too long.”

Conner points to the Nov. 7 results of the sales tax vote as being a pivotal decision by Cimarron county voters as to the fate of the hospital.

“November 7 will indicate... does the community support this hospital? They need to decide if they'll support it...or the hospital will go away,” Conner said.

“Is it [the hospital] needed? In my opinion, it is,” Conner said.

Asked about more doctors for the hospital, Conner said he is, and will be, searching for doctors.

“The hospital needs doctors. I have been and will be using every available source to find doctors. I've been talking to resident programs, and to recruiters. I'll also be talking to other hospitals in the area.”

“Dr. Nims is back home [ Michigan ]. He does not have an Oklahoma license. He had three months to get it. As far as I'm concerned that voids his contract,” Conner said.

Asked if Dr. Pam Yoga had turned down any option on returning, Conner said, “Dr. Yoga has not entirely said no. I just recently met her for the first time. I like the lady. I think her coming back would be one of the best things that could happen to the hospital. I haven't given up on her,” Conner said.

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