by Norma Gene Young

Boise City has the wildest bunch of scarecrows ever dreamed up by sane people. I waved to one the other day, when I thought that strange-looking person was waving to me. Some of them are really works of art. I didn't realize the town had so many artistic people.



My son-in-law, Dan Smith, came by my house the other evening. He looked in my rain gauge and reported that it showed five inches of rain and seven bugs. I guess I should check the thing more often.

Dan is always helpful. I complained to him about a strange occasional beeping noise I'd been hearing in the house. It beeped only once for him to realize that one of my smoke alarm batteries was shot. The last time one of them conked out it made a noise similar to that end of the house falling down. He replaced both of them, so now the place is back to normal. For a while.

I wish Dan and Laura lived closer than Elkhart. I could keep him busy about four days a week around here.


Jimmy Durante once told Frank Sinatra that rock and roll consisted of -three chords, and two of them were bad. There are a lot more than two nowadays. If Durante were still alive he would find they are now louder, offensive, repugnant, harsh, and repulsive. Feel free to add your own words.


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