87, 56 and 171 due face lifts

OKLAHOMA CITY- The state Transportation Commission awarded a $2 million contract Monday to resurface nearly 37 miles of highway in Cimarron County, Rep. Gus Blackwell and Sen. Owen Laughlin announced.

According to state transportation officials, approximately four miles of S.H. 171 between the U.S. 287 junction and the Beaver River (North Canadian) bridge will be repaired and resurfaced with a three-inch asphalt overlay. Nearly 33 miles of U.S. 56, extending from Boise City to the New Mexico state line, will be repaved with an asphalt overlay an inch and a half thick.

Blackwell, R-Goodwell, said the improvements will be a great help to the area's agricultural community. He described the highways as narrow and bumpy, noting they take a lot of abuse. “Although the highways don't get much traffic, they carry heavy equipment and heavy loads, which cause them to deteriorate much quicker than if they were carrying ordinary traffic.”

The area of S.H. 171 near the bridge averages 350 vehicles daily, records indicate. U.S. 56 averages 590 vehicles each day near the New Mexico state line and as many as 1,400 near Boise City.

“We get very little help in this part of the state,” Blackwell said. “I'm elated the state highway department is doing something to improve the roads in Cimarron County. A lot more needs to be done, but this is a step that will help our agricultural producers transport products safely.”

Blackwell said the contract was awarded to Kansas-based J&R Sand Co., which was the lowest of four bidders for the job. The project will take two to three months to complete after construction starts, said Laughlin, R-Woodward.

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