County hosting Northwest District Officers and Deputies

The County officers from Oklahoma's 19 Northwestern counties will converge on Boise City this weekend for the Northwest District Officers and Deputies biannual meeting.

Officers from as far east as Garfield (Enid) and Kay (Blackwell) Counties will be in attendence.

The convention will be hosted by District Judge Greg Zigler and will feature talks from State Auditor Jeff McMahon, School Land Commission Secretary Cliff Scott, State Senator Owen Laughlin and State Representative Gus Blackwell.

The officers meeting include each of the 19 county's assessors, treasurers, court, and county clerks, commissioners and sheriffs. More than 100 people will be in attendence and Cimarron County Court Clerk Charlotte McReynolds reports that all of the county's motel rooms and Bed and Breakfasts are booked; late arrivals have been recommended to motels in Clayton, Stratford, and Guymon.

“We have reservations for 110 for lunch on Friday, catered by The Chicken House,” McReynolds said.

The county guests arriving on Friday night, (50 +) will be taken to the Okie-Tex Star party at Camp Billy Joe near Kenton. Transportation is furnished by The Boise City Public Schools.

The officers meet twice a year and last visited Cimarron County some eight years ago.

“We had people here from down state that had no idea of the scenery we had in Kenton and at Lake Etling,” McReynolds recalled.

Each group of officers will learn of legislation pending and recently passed that will affect their jobs and will have an opportunity to study what problems might occur and needed changes.

The event has been planned by Cimarron County Clerk Coleen Crabtree, Treasurer Gayla James and Assessor Patty Hiner with help from Phyllis Randolph, of The Cimarron Heritage Center.

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