Your presence is needed next Tuesday

We need to make an enmasse appearance at the Hospital meeting Room next Tuesday evening at 7 p.m.

Representatives from the Kellogg Foundation will be in appearance to gauge our county's support for the hospital. This meeting is almost as important as voting yes on the sales tax, Nov. 7.

We need attendees from Keyes, Felt, Kenton and those from Boise City and rural Cimarron County .

Even if you choose to seek your medical help from Elkhart , Clayton, Springfield or Guymon, don't kid yourself that losing this hospital won't affect you.

This facility, and the clinic employ more than 85 Cimarron County residents, we need everyone of them, and their family members or dependents.

The potential loss of this hospital could affect schools in Boise City , Felt and Keyes. Any more decline in student numbers in the two smaller schools could mean consolidation.

Losses of jobs will mean that spouses will have to move with former employees to find work. A rancher or farmer in rural Cimarron County could lose a good and loyal hand. The dairies could lose help as could every restaurant and motel in the city.

This hospital, even crippled, pumps millions into the county's economy. It's loss would impact us all. We need to fill the meeting room Tuesday evening. Let's see you there!

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