It is sometimes amazing how a place - a building - can bring long forgotten and dusty memories back to life.

Along with family and friends, I attended the Little Miss pageant in the BCHS auditorium this past Saturday night. As we were sitting there, admiring the littlest to the oldest girls in their fancy dresses and casual wear, I looked around me. For a moment it became 1965, and I was standing on that same stage. I was a first grader, and Linda Kramer and I were singing a duet in the talent show. I don't know if it's a good thing to admit or not, but I still remember all the words and actions to the song “The Little Rag Doll”. I even remember the thrill of winning the first place trophy for our performance!

So many other memories came flowing back. I remembered listening to Zaphryn Tandy sing in her crystal clear voice. I remembered watching John Smith and LeeAnn Garner perform in “Our Town“. I remembered the production of “Arsenic and Old Lace”. Then there was “Bye, Bye Birdie” starring Brett Ellard, and “The Wizard of Oz” with yours truly portraying the Cowardly Lion. I thought of John Gerber, our music director, which led to a flood of memories of all the bands and choirs that had filled this same stage across so many years.

Then I returned to the present. The crowd was applauding a little girl standing center stage, the spotlight reflecting in her golden brown eyes. As I watched her smile and wave, I wondered if many years down the road she, too, would be sitting in the audience and remembering the first time she walked across the stage of the BCHS auditorium.


I've decided that evolution isn't always a good thing! Take for example, the changes that have occurred pertaining to one of our utilities - electricity. Remember all the years we could walk into the Southwestern Public Service (SPS) office on East Main and pay our bill? Good service with a friendly smile. Then the office closed and we found ourselves writing our checks to Xcel Energy, whose address was in Minnesota or some other state far away from the Oklahoma Panhandle. Recently, we were informed that Tri-County Electric was now in charge of blessing us with lights and energy. And I thought that was a good thing, since Tri-County is based out of one of our neighboring towns. But, I'm beginning to wonder, since I have talked to so many people who are upset with the company's policies.

I lucked out the first month, mailing my check early enough that it reached the company before the “shut off“ date. Others weren't so fortunate. Many folks have said they received cut-off notices after they mailed their checks, and several people have been disconnected even though they had sent the check, but the company hadn't received it yet. The reconnect fee is $100. Sorry, but I think this policy is ridiculous. At the very least, it would be nice if Tri-County set up a “drop off” site where we could pay our bill locally. And they could lower their reconnect fee, especially with the rising cost of service. Hey, Bo, come back! I'm really missing the days of you, Doug Cherry and the SPS.

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