Detailing the Issues
by Robert Shank

Where have the Men gone?

What has happened to the real men of America? You see it everywhere now, the down playing of the man's role in the family; sit-coms and commercials have shown men as wimps under the control and constant criticism of women and the children.

Much of this can be attributed to the women's liberation way of thinking and also political correctness which say women should do all the same things men do. Well what have we got to show for that way of thinking? Most women now work outside the home, while letting the schools and baby-sitters raise our children. We say times are tough, it takes two incomes to survive in today's economy, I agree; I'm in the same situation where if my wife didn't work we would not be able to get by. So in my eyes I have failed as a husband and a father since I was unable to provide for my family.

Men how has this happened? We have stood by for far too long letting government and secular society govern our morals, and challenging our roles as the leaders of the household. We must stand up and become men again, not just males.

I believe that women have a role in the military, but not in combat. In a dangerous situation the men will worry about protecting the woman before doing his duty (well it used to be that way). Why are women even needed in combat? I say it's because the males don't have the pride and sense of duty they once had; so they stay home on the couch and let the women fight.

Now let's look at the church. Look how many women and children are at church on Sunday morning without the men. Why is that? In the Bible men are called upon to be the spiritual LEADER of the household (well for the most part that's a thing of the past). The women have taken over that spiritual leader role because men have become lazy spiritually. Some churches are even appointing the women to the leadership roles because no men can be found to fill these roles. I praise the women for being willing to fill those roles, but, it is the job of the men to be the spiritual leaders. So men, get off the couch, go to church and bring your family; tell them about Jesus, be bold for Christ, be bold about your role in the church and at home. Don't let this new liberal world dictate your job to you. It is well defined in the Bible. So knock the dust off your Bible and look at your job as defined by God.

The point of this controversial article is to say: “Men we have failed at our job of leader.”

To women, thanks for being so willing to step up and fill in for our new found shortcomings; although you shouldn't have to. Please encourage your husbands and fathers to reclaim the leadership role they once held so dear.

Please pray for our military, our president, our leaders and pray for understanding of what we are here to do as MEN!!

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